Andre B.U. Johnson was born Andre W. Johnson in Detroit, Michigan. B.U. is a Producer/Director/Writer/ Owner and CEO of Stick 2 Tha Script Filmworks LLC.

B.U. is also the innovator and owner of the trademarked Hip Hop Shopping TVTM (H2STV) and Klickable.TV 2.0.

Growing up in Detroit (Motor City), B.U has always been drawn to music and entertainment. He was influenced by his father who performed music selection and royalties for WGPR (1st black owned radio station in the U.S.) founded in Detroit.

Always creative, at a young age, B.U. would use ketchup for blood to create crime scenes, or use paper grocery bags to make a fashionable sports jacket. Over time, the surrounding environment of crime, violence and drugs was beginning to have its influence and B.U. was beginning to lead the wrong lifestyle, so in 1989 his father accepted a job with 20th Century Fox in New York and took him and his brother out of Cooley High School and moved the family to upstate New York in Ossining for a better life.
During this period of time, Hip Hop was in its breakthrough stages as a new culture in New York, what better place to be absorbed into this new energy. This move was the turning point that actually saved B.U.’s life and gave him a new outlook for his future. B.U. made the transformation into his new environment, making routine trips into the city with his new extended family that exposed him to the streets and culture of Hip Hop in New York City.
B.U.’s passion for basketball earned him a spot on Ossining High School’s basketball team where he received state AAU honorable mentions and numerous press write-ups, followed by letters from prestigious universities and junior colleges. He never thought he would make it to college, but in 1992, he was given a basketball scholarship to Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan. After two years of community college, B.U. attended Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan where he received his Bachelor of Science in Film and Theatre Arts in 2000.
In the beginning of 2001, he ventured to Atlanta, Georgia in search of career opportunities. After camping out on the floor of a friend’s apartment for two months, B.U. received a call from an independent film producer from Atlanta, who gave him the opportunity to be the Director of Photography for her featured film, “AHEAD OF THE GAME”, which was filmed in of all places Detroit, Michigan.


On September 1, 2001, B.U. moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where the dreams of owning his own business begin to fall into place and he also completed his first independent project, “Starvin Artists” which was reviewed in Billboard Magazine in 2002. B.U. continues to perfect his film making skills while working on movie sets, producing commercials and various forms of program content.
In 2003 B.U. developed and would later trademark Hip Hop Shopping TVTM (H2STV), a Retail EntertainmentTM Network. The research and development for the H2STV concept evolved as B.U. attended various Trend Shows, Red Carpet Events and enhanced the branding of H2STV by becoming media Partners with such platforms as the Urban Trend Show and the A3C Hip Hop Festival.

In 2005 B.U. launched an online test run of H2STV’s “Fresh 2 Def” and “Top 5 Video” Shows; Produced, Directed and Edited by StickFILMS. This test run introduced H2STV’s concept and resulted signing vendor agreements with independent product lines, Such as, Chilly O (Atlanta), Soul Munki (ATL/Detroit), Dareales (Boston) and many more.

In 2007 while branding H2STV on Twitter, B.U. befriended Roger Wu, owner of Klickable.TV software. Over time their relationship grew into a shared understanding of the interactive video concept. While in his personal transition, Wu offered B.U an opportunity to purchase the software with intentions that he would expand the brand and in 2013 Klickable.TV ownership was transferred to B.U. Since its purchase B.U. has updated the original version of the software with the latest technology advancing it to Klickable.TV 2.0.

B.U. is currently expanding the brand with the innovation of KlickableTV.Com, an Interactive Content Browser. This cutting edge Pay-Per View Subscription based platform will distribute program content from producers and production houses from all over the world via Online, Mobile, Live Streaming, and IPTV, offering producers a channel to display their content and more importantly, the ability to monetize their programming.

StickFILMS joined with Klickable.TV 2.0 will continue to develop its own original program content.

Links to Work: UrbanLifeNetwork.com and H2STV

**Awards and Achievements:

“Shake” (Urban Drama) premiered at Magic Johnson Theatre, 2009
*Distributed via Wal-Mart and Redbox, 2011
“Ahead of The Game” (Urban Drama) premiered at Pan African Film Festival 2003/Magic Johnson Theater, Los Angeles, CA
*Distributed via Blockbuster Video 2004
“Starvin Artists Documentary”, Reviewed in Billboard Magazine/ June 2002 (Atlanta, GA)
*Independently Distributed


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